In how many styes can I wear the Infinite Dress?

Since its launch in 1976, the Infinite Dress concept has offered women around the world the freedom to design the style they want to wear. When the Infinite Dress was selected for the opening parade of the Latin Model Pageant in 1994, the models were able to come up with over 389 different styles, all by themselves! This is how the dress became known as "the dress that can be worn in over 100 different styles." But, actually, we have seen women wearing the dress in over 400 different styles in the past decade alone.
Although it is for you to decide the style in which you want to wear it, the dress comes with a brochure that shows you step by step instructions for 34 styles. These styles can be easily modified to short or long sleeve, or short or long dress. That is about 102 styles according to my math! Additionally, the dress also comes with an instructional DVD that includes additional other styles which can also be modified.

We give you enough style ideas to start playing with your Infinite Dress. But, realistically, you will probably choose the styles that feel right for you, and after some practice, you will end up modifying your favorite Infinite styles into your very own unique styles. We look forward to seeing your unique style! Please send us your photo to

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