Which dress size should I order?

Measure around your waist and your hip area, and determine which of the two is wider. We call this your circumference.

The hip area is about 7 inches, or 18 centimeters, below the waist. Whichever has your greater measurement, your waist or your hips, determines the correct size for you. No other measurement is required.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Small is for a circumference up to 38 inches / 97 centimeters.
  • Medium is for a circumference up to 43 inches / 110 centimeters.
  • Large is for a circumference to 47 inches / 120 centimeters.
  • X-Large is a circumference up to 54 inches / 137 centimeters.

A larger size is usually better than a smaller size, unless you are very slim.

Note: The Pantsuit fits larger than the dress. If you wear a medium Infinite Dress, the small pantsuit is probably your best fit.

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