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Lydia Silvestry Beauty Secrets

Lydia Silvestry Beauty Secrets

We all know how beneficial to our planet the concept of ecologically correct living can be.

This is mostly talked about in a global sense. However, this concept, when followed on an individual basis, can benefit your body, your life and that of all your family. Once you become aware of all your environment; from the moment you wake up in the morning, to all that surrounds your being, you become rather selective. This lifestyle is what I am about. When you transcends to this way of being, your body will be so grateful!

In my book; Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets I invite you to enjoy an easy lifestyle, from a holistic point of view, with over 300 tips and recommendations, mostly using kitchen stuff. Bringing awareness to reducing toxic chemicals in your environment; from head to toes, food and home, and all around us!

In a most candid, honest, courageous and joyful style with abundant information of significant importance for your life. A thrifty and liberating lifestyle presented with the intention to inspire you to live a vibrant and healthy life; to have wild fun!

Allowing for working woman with no time to cook, to free their creativity in the kitchen, helping the working MOM to be able to prepare healthy food in only minutes. Over 100 recipes- a series of step by step inventive ideas of how prepare Monday's delicious dinner, to re-dress the food to a new Tuesday fancy dinner, to a Wednesday banquet; admitting some dishes to appear related to the previous one, but with a new look and a completely different taste. Leading to a truly easy way of cooking with pure healthy ingredients, free of chemicals, in no time.

Freeing the body of life-long held toxins, brings boundless energy to the body , allowing us to have vibrant living resulting in wild fun in life. Cleaning the liver and kidneys bring optimum sense of well being to us. I love it!

I am confident you will choose this liberating lifestyle as it makes your life so much easier.



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